The Hidden Mystery Behind Imago Imperii

We have recently heard about the filled-with-secrets metal band called IMAGO IMPERII.

These mysterious band members prefer to use pseudonyms and their identity is still  a riddle for us. The enigma continues as there’s a lot of mystery in their lyrics as well.

These people are a bit like Etruscans, as we  all canremember what we use to hear about Etruscans during history classes: “We know very little about them”.

The same definitely applies to IMAGO IMPERII, but thanks to the Internet & other esoteric sources I managed to retrieve a little bit more about these musicians.

IMAGO IMPERII are an epic/power Metal band born in Bologna (Italy) in 2011 founded by GWARNER (vocals) and IVANHOE (keyboards) from the ashes of another band called Operabardica.

The inspiration of several Metal bands, but in particular Blind Guardian, took the band to play a kind of Power Metal inspired by mythology and medieval history, with the melodic, but at the same time, harsh vocals of Gwarner and the symphonic touch of Ivanhoe at the keyboards.

Since the beginning, the band suffered several (but physiological) line-up changes, but Ivanhoe and Gwarner never lost their way and they released in 2012 the EP ”A journey to Avalon” and in 2015 the EP ”War for the Iron Crown”.

In the fall 2016 new members joined Imago Imperii: ISKANDAR at the drums, CLAYMORE at the bass guitar and in particular the local ”guitar hero” LUKE, that in the past played in the live band of the former Iron Maiden’s singer Paul Di Anno!

In these years Imago Imperii played several shows in the area of Bologna and in particular in 2015 they supported Nanowar of Steel and in 2016 Vision Divine.

In December 2016 ”Legendaria”, first full length of the band, was released.


You can look at the video ” The Last Queen of the Dragons” with the images of their live at Alchemica Music Club where we supported Vision Divine.




GWARNER – vocals

LUKE – guitars

IVANHOE – keyboards


ISKANDAR – drums


Apart from LUKE aren’t those weird names, uh? XD

Credit: Anna Minguzzi
@ Alchemica Music Club



  • 2012 – A Journey to Avalon (EP)
  • 2015 – War for the Iron Crown (EP)
  • 2016 – Legendaria (full-lenght)
”Legendaria” first full lenght of the power/epic metallers Imago Imperii is available at the band’s store:

If you’d like to stalk them & check their latest updates, here are couples of links I’ve found so far:

That’s all I’ve got, enjoy.

The enigma is alive! 🙂






Written by Nar Mattaru


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