What Everybody Ought To Know About The CheeseBergens

What happens when two would have been rock stars have a middle aged crisis? They decide to form a family band with their unwitting children.

The CheeseBergens is a band comprised of Ides Bergen, father and drummer, Marissa Bergen, mother and bassist, Jesse Bergen, son and singer/lead guitarist and Anjelica Bergen, daughter and singer/guitarist.

Mama and Papa Cheese have been honing their skills for years playing the L.A. club circuit in bands to varying success. The Cheese Kids have been busy building their own resumes in rock schools in the L.A. area. Now they come together with their own brand of rock n’ roll with punk and metal influences.

The CheeseBergens have been featured on Rock Rage Radio, I Love Heavy Metal Radio and have appeared on two Metal Babe Mayhem compilations as well as Dewar’s PR Summer Compilation. They have played reputable Los Angeles clubs including The Mint and The Troubadour.

Recently I had the pleasure to contact Marissa, a rock’n’roll star/mother/member of a family band delivering punk and metal originals. The first thing I have asked her is, of course:

Why you believe it is so crucial to have more women involved in the music business?

Marissa: “It used to be that when women were in a band, it was seen as some sort of gimmick. Now it’s becoming more commonplace and accepted and it’s great to see that happening. Women are playing alongside men and they are kicking ass!

Whenever I see women supporting rock, I immediately identify with them because I know it’s about so much more than women enjoying music. It’s about saying, “Hey we’re in this too and we’re not going away.” Rock music is not an old boys club. For women, it’s not about wanting to sleep with the musicians. It’s about a genuine love of the music. That’s why I love what Ladies In Rock is all about.  They are strong, passionate women who want to support the cause and really know how to rock out.”

How did the Cheesebergens project start?

Marissa: “Because my husband and I were musicians and always loved music, we encouraged our kids to learn how to play. When my son started getting older, I wanted him to start writing originals and getting a ‘real band experience’. I tried to get bands together for him, but a lot of the kids were busy with other activities. That’s why my husband and I decided to start a family band with them. 

Since then we have had great experiences, playing clubs, doing interviews, getting radio play and recording our music. We have music available on Bandcamp, Soundcloud and Reverb Nation. On May 1, we will be releasing one more song and compiling all our music into an album. “

Hey Ladiesinrock Fans, Do You Hear The Sound Of Cheesebergens?

For those living in the US, save the following dates:

  • Friday May 5, No Future Cafe, Pasadena, CA 8 PM
  • Saturday May 20, Veteran’s Memorial Park, Carson, CA 3 PM (as part of the American Cancer Society Relay For Life)
  • Wednesday June 21, Hotchkiss Park, Santa Monica, CA 2 PM (as part of Make Music Day)
  • Sunday July 16, Vincenzo’s Pizza Newhall, CA (set time TBD)

Remember to follow the CheeseBergens on:

Youtube, Facebook, Bandcamp, Twitter and Instagram



-Written by Nar Mattaru
















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